Symptoms of broken sewer lines


Sewer line may be called as one of the most important life lines of your home. Your home’s main sewer line is buried beneath the yard, making it more difficult to identify the possible reason of broken sewer line. Broken sewer lines is one of the major plumbing issues faced by homeowners on a regular basis. It is known that plumbing companies, on an average receive at least five calls daily about broken sewer lines and the need to fix them immediately.

If you have sewer lines that are more than twenty-five years old, there is a chance of sewer line problem. Not only old age, sometimes tree root intrusion, cracks, normal erosion of pipes, etc. are causes of sewer line problem. Do not let your sewer line break completely, because complete breakdown of sewer line will cost you tremendously. But you can avert the catastrophe if you want, after watching some symptoms.


This article will help you to find out symptoms by which you will easily understand that your sewer line is not working well, and it is getting damaged.


Bad Odor:


You might not always see damage in sewer line in naked eyes, but you can smell them. Broken sewer lines means, means bad odorous gas will come out constantly and will filled up your home. Unless there is a crack or opening in our sanitary lines, you will never smell sewer odor in and around your home. So whenever you smell something really pungent, call a professional plumber and have a thorough checkup of your sewer lines. Repair the damage as early as possible with the help of the professional plumber.


Frequent Clogging and Slow Drain:


Clogging is natural in kitchen sink or in toilet. But if you observe frequent clogging of kitchen sink or toilet, or in other drains of your home, then there must be problem in sewer line. This is one of the mistakes made by homeowners, when they consider clogging as a minor problem. They start using DIY techniques to get rid of the clog, whereas the problem lies somewhere else. If you notice that your toilet, bathtub or sink draining slowly even after attempts to clear the line, do not waste time. Then and there contact a plumber and take necessary steps quickly under his guidance before the emergency situation arises.


Mold Growth:


Mold growth is a good example of broken sewer line behind your walls. Broken sewer line and seepage increases humidity level of your home and create an ideal atmosphere of mold growth, if you see mold growth in your home accompanied with foul smell, then you must have a damaged sewer line. Consult a professional plumber in this matter.


Rat Problem:


Rat problem is another indication of damaged sewer line. So, if you find too many rodents around your home, it is definitely the time to be alert. Rat lives in sewer line. If there is even a small crack or opening in your sanitary line, it can squeeze through it. Rats are responsible for spreading life threatening diseases like plague and hemorrhagic fever. Call pest control to get rid of the rats. If you have persistent rat problem even after visits of pest control Company, there might be broken sewer line by which rat comes out.


Wet Backyard:


If you have broken sewer line, septic waste water will come out and accumulate in the backyard. This may be because of broken septic tank clogged drain or cracked sewer line. Quickly contact a plumber and repair the damage.


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact sewer solution specialist and perform sewer line repair. The presence of professional sewer specialist not only averts further sewer pipe damage, the whole job is done with minimum digging and expenses.