Signs of damaged pipes

Plumbing pipes are an object that remains constantly in use from the day it is installed. For this reason it gets worn out easily after a certain time. It is very important to keep a close watch on plumbing pipes of your house. Inspect them from time to time to detect any type of leaks especially when you are living in an old house. It is always better to employ a professional to check all the pipes thoroughly at least twice a year. A professional help will save you from emergency situation and major disaster, as a skilled person can foresee the problems you are going to face in near future. But before a professional arrive at your home you can understand whether your pipes are truly worn out or not after watching some indications.

Some Indications of Damaged  Pipes:


Try to find out whether there is any type of leakage on any of your pipes. Even a small leak on your pipe may create emergency situation within a very small time. A small leak may turn bigger within a few hours. What will happen if this type of problem arises at midnight? So immediately call a professional plumber to fix the leak immediately after you discover it. Till the arrival of the professional keep the stop cocks off so that the water does not get waste.

Seepage, Molds and Mildew:

Another easy method to find out worn out pipes is to find out the accumulation of mildew or molds. These tend to grow in moist environment. So, whenever you discover these, be alert, there must be seepage anywhere. If you cannot find the seepage of your own, do not hesitate to consult a professional plumber in this matter. Try to repair the damage with the help of a professional immediately to avert the catastrophe.

Water Stain:

Check if there is water stain on certain areas like underneath the sink, in the bathtub, on the wall and ceiling. Stains mean your pipes have worn out, and it needs repair. It is always better to employ a professional to check all the pipes thoroughly at a regular basis. If your pipes are worn-out you need to change it immediately. You should take professional help to find out the pipes that are completely worn out and pipes that are going to worn out in near future. There is no point to keep those pipes which are not yet worn out but is going to be worn out within a few days. Better change all pipes together so that the whole thing will be less expensive.

Corroded Pipes:

Even the highest-quality metal pipes will corrode overtime due to oxidation. Severe corrosion can lead to pipe bursts resulting in major property damage. Whenever you notice flaking, it means that your pipes are worn out. Apart from that, frequent clogging, discoloration of water, etc. are sign of corroded pipes. Corroded pipes need to be replaced soon with the help of the professional plumber.

Try to repair your worn-out pipes as soon as possible. Take the best professional help to get a long lasting effect. In this matter you may consult your family and friends.