Plumbing jobs to complete before your vacation

If you are planning to go for a vacation, remember to complete a few jobs before you start for your vacation.

These jobs might take a few minutes but will be good for your plumbing system. You will be saved not just from any kind of water damage, but you will be able to ensure durability of your plumbing appliances as well. Thus, if you get these jobs completed before you start your vacation, you can be assured that there will be no kind of water damage to your property when you return. So, let us understand what jobs you need to complete just before you go for your vacation.  

Water Heater – Shut It Down

Remember that traditional water heaters which use natural gas or electricity consume plenty of energy.  If there is no freezing problem, it is recommended to shut down your water heater when you are not at home. There are several sophisticated water heaters which have a unique vacation setting, which is helpful to save energy. If you do not wish to shut it down, you can also turn the settings to lowest. This will save your energy and prevent any damage to the appliance as well.

Shut the Water Supply

Broken plumbing pipes can be real costly along with a huge mess they tend to create. If plumbing problems arise when you are not home, you might actually be greeted by a catastrophe when you return home. Why let such a situation arise when you can actually do something to prevent it. You can shut off the water supply before you leave for your vacation. In case you are not able to locate where the shut-off valve is, try to find it in advance. If you shut off the water supply, you will be able to minimize the water damage to a large extent.

If you are shutting off the water supply before you leave for vacation, remember to open a faucet at the other end. If you do this, you will be able to remove the excessive water which remains in the pipe. Thus, as you get back home, when you will reopen this main valve, you will be able to reduce the increasing pressure on the fixtures and pipes.

However, if there is a sprinkler system installed, shutting the water off might not be a good option. You need to have some plumbing system which should be on. However, you will be still able to keep away some leakages in different areas, as you slowly shut off individual valves which lead to different toilets and sinks. You need to check along the water line which leads from wall.

Lastly, it is always good to have your appliances like sump pump or water heaters maintained, especially when you are going for a long vacation. Thus, if there is any kind of problem it shall be taken care of before it is too late. In fact, it is often seen that if certain equipment is not used for a long time, it stops functioning in its usual way.